Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, faced struggles in motherhood but her life depicted the blessings that comes from waiting on God’s best.

Let’s take a dive into Elizabeth’s life in the bible.

Who was Elizabeth?

I believe that Elizabeth took on the role of a prophetic mother with godly characteristics and some challenges.

Godly characteristics:

  • Elizabeth was from a family of priests ( descendant of Aaron)
  • She was a lover of God ( followed the commandments faithfully and completely)
  • She was the wife of Zechariah ( his name means, ” God Remembers “). She married a godly man, Amen?


  • Elizabeth did not have any children
  • She was infertile
  • She was very old in age ( way passed the age of safely having children or the prime ages of being fertile)
Elizabeth in the bible

Her role as a mother of John the Baptist

Elizabeth was a prophetic voice to Mary

When Mary came to visit Elizabeth, she heard her voice and the baby in her womb leaped and kicked her belly. This prophetic prompting, led her to speak the utterance of God to Mary. You see, Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit because “God’s destiny” recognized the life of Jesus Christ inside of Mary’s womb. This was also a prophetic sign of the joy ( fruit of the Holy Spirit) being poured out at the presence of Jesus.

When Elizabeth saw Mary, she prophesied to her with mighty power! ( Holy Spirit Power). She was completely led by the Holy Spirit flowing through her. When she prophesied, she encouraged her faith in God.

Therefore, Elizabeth encouraged women like Mary in their walk with God, especially for situations that were hard to believe or conceive as being real.

She also plainly gave Mary the direction that her baby ( Jesus) would take in this life. I am sure this confirmed Mary’s belief that her baby would bring delight to God.

Elizabeth also encouraged Mary by stating that she was favored by God in her complete faith in everything God told her. Elizabeth’s complete trust in God’s word towards her growing child inside her womb, was a catalyst to encourage Mary in her faith journey. Even to the point of seeing her son Jesus, crucified for the sins of the world.

Luke 1:42

“Mary! You are a woman given the highest favor and privilege above all others. For your child ( the fruit of your womb or fruit of the tree of life in Rev. 22:2) is destined to bring God great delight.

Elizabeth in the bible

Birthed the prophet John and named him

Elizabeth pregnancy was full term and she gave birth to a son. When he was eight years old, in Jewish customs, her baby was to be circumcised before family and friends. They all tried to convince her to call her baby Zechariah, but she was already sure in her spirit, to call him John.

Her boldness and faith, prompted her husband Zechariah, to come into agreement with her by writing his name on a tablet.

Elizabeth in the bible


Elizabeth was a woman that encouraged other women in their motherhood journey with God. She also encouraged her husband with her bold faith and solid assurance in His word. She never wavered from it and she was a woman full of the Holy Spirit power.

She was a lover of God and she had the foundation to continue to believe in his living Word and to birth destiny into this world.

Are you like an Elizabeth when it comes to mothering your child? Let me know in the comments below.

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