As a mom, new mommy, or a new stay-at-home mom, you may desire a little “mom stress relief.” I understand that it can be a daunting task to wake up every day knowing that you will need to play several roles for the day: mom, teacher, counselor, principal, and the list goes on and on. But, I want to give you some mom- stress relief when you are busy being a mom and parent coping skills that you can use today.

Mom Stress Relief For You to Practice Right now

1. Manage your stress and emotions

First things first, let’s talk about your emotional health or mom stress level. It is so important for you to assess your emotions and stress levels consistently and periodically throughout the day.

When you are stressed, your child can pick up on subtle hints of frustration which can increase their irritability or inability to listen.

Make a plan with your spouse to divide the amount of attention that you can realistically give during that day. Then practice taking shifts during the day to get your quality time of rest.

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2. Resting is a powerful tool

Rest is a great tool that is needed to recharge not only your body but your sense of motivation throughout the course of the day. Make every effort to have a “mommy” quiet time during your child’s play time or independent work. Be sure to give explanations of why you are taking time to rest.

When you are not able to rest your body several factors may come into play and that includes an anxious heart ( ruminating thoughts, insomnia, and mom guilt).

3. Independent work is your friend

Think of independent tasks that your child can complete at home. Some independent tasks can include playing with play-doh, puzzle work, coloring in a color book. Add a timer to the equation. A visual timer can help with being aware of how much time is left for an activity and can decrease the amount of attention seeking behavior once an activity is completed.

mom stress relief
Child coloring a picture

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