As a parent you can sometimes get stuck into the daily routines of constant to  do- lists and workinglong hours but never finding the simplicity of being a parent that enjoys being present.

Have you told yourself these things:

“Time has flown by so fast…”

“He got so big” 

“He was just a baby in my arms” 

You realize that time has gone by quicklyand that the little “special” moments with your child have snuck up you.

And let’s face it, you are probably here, because you have probably read every book under the sun about parenting and participated in a bunch of webinars and parent conferences. But this may lead you to feeling burnt out because of information overload.  You may also feel like you don’t measure up to the expectations of parent gurus telling you how to parent your own child. At the end of the day, you just find satisfaction in the simplicity of seeing the growth process of your child. 

Does this sound like you?

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