Hey there!! I’m Jen

My Story

As the founder of Simple Steps By Jen, I am devoted to guiding women towards healing from trauma and maternal issues. My own journey includes overcoming a traumatic past and the limitations of mother wounds, leading to a restoration through my faith. Empowered by this transformation, I am passionate about supporting women to embrace their true selves and fulfill their destinies, reinforced by the strength and nurturing of the Holy Spirit.

Then God called me to Coaching…

In 2018, I embarked on an extensive travel journey as part of my personal healing process. I faced the challenge of traveling solo to Orlando to participate in the Jesus Image Conference. It was a pivotal experience, where I received a prophetic message from another Christian believer that likened me to a mother. Although the meaning was unclear at the time, this message later resonated with me upon the completion of my eBook, “Motherhood Simplified By God.”

God healed me from Childhood Trauma

God revealed to me that I would reach women through the testimony of my life and my relationship with my mother. I experienced a lot of childhood trauma and it was the power of the Holy Spirit that healed me and taught me how to live not as an orphan but as a child of God. Now here I am fulfilling the call to nurture women with all that God has taught me- the simple steps of walking with simplicity and God’s grace!

Do you have mother wounds or childhood trauma in adulthood? You don’t have to walk this journey alone. Book a coaching call with me.