God is calling women on assignment

God is calling women that have overcome trauma and mother wounds to raise up daughters to be kingdom dwellers, prayer warriors, pioneers in the faith, and daughters of God.

God calls you a mother!

Mothers Crowning Daughters Collective

A safe community group for women from all walks of life (regardless of marital status or if you have children or not) to experience Motherhood from a Kingdom-redemptive perspective. If you have experienced any trauma or mother wounds, you have a story to share and God wants you to take your place to be a mother to yourself and to those He assigns to nurture and accelerate into their destinies.

A place for women to be mothers

Perfect for women preparing to become mothers and wives or currently a mother/wife

Desire to disciple other women in a nurturing way

You want to share your knowledge and story of how you overcame trauma and mother wounds

You want to see women walk in their true identity, purpose, and calling

You want women to live healed, whole, and nurtured lives through the power of the Holy Spirit

The perfect place for women to seek the support of mothers in the faith

Have you ever thought about learning from someone that has already been where you are? Are you looking for a mother figure that will show you the steps on overcoming trauma and mother wounds.? This community is a great place to link up with other women that can catapult you into your destiny, nurture you, and walk with you on your journey of being healed. whole, and nurtured.

Inside the MCD-Collective

Develop life-long relationships

Support of other women with a shared bond

Monthly teachings on trauma recovery and spiritual motherhood via Zoom link

Safe space to share your your struggles, testimony, and journey

Prayer, prophetic intercession, and activation

Mothers Crowning Daughters Gatherings

Enjoy time together during our Mothers Crowning Daughters events. This is a yearly gathering where mothers will pray, activate, and release their daughters into their destinies.


Monthly teachings that will be hosted via Zoom so that we can have a safe space to discuss trauma and mother wounds related topics.

Being a mother is my assignment!

I am a visionary and pioneer at heart. I am also called to be a mother to a generation of women that are ready to live victoriously with God’s power and strength. In my early years of healing from mother wounds and trauma, I was mentored and coached by powerful women. These women accelerated my growth potential and I considered them to be midwives and mothers in the faith.

I have mentored and coached women to also self-mother as Eve’s in the Garden of Eden because we all have the capacity to nurture the garden within ourselves and the relationships we are assigned to by God.

So what are you waiting for? Answer the call!

Heaven calls you mother.