In the Garden of Eden

God is calling women like Eve to “mother” in the place where it all started- the Garden of Eden. He is equipping mothers to nurture their “seed” and to birth God’s vision in this world. But it must first start with encountering the Tree of life in the garden of Eden.

It all began in the garden when the Lord noticed that Adam had a purpose which was to name all of the living things on the earth but did not have a “helper” to support him in that purpose. God chose to put Adam to sleep while He formed this woman-helper from Adam’s rib.

In the Garden, God restores your heart

Sometimes in a garden, thorns or weeds can choke up the seed. If not properly tended or removed the weeds will “compete” or fight against plants for light, water, and nutrient supply. Thus, the growing plants will die due to starvation. Some of us are dying spiritually due to not drinking from the fountain ( God’s love), light ( God’s glory and presence), nutrients ( His Word).