How to Delight Yourself In the Lord- Queen Esther

Delight yourself in the Lord

Delight Yourself in the Lord- Queens Delight in the Lord

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4). Let’s go back to where it all started- the garden of Eden. The meaning of Eden is delight, dwelling place, or pleasure. In Eden, God planted a garden. God now considers our hearts as a garden in Eden. He delights in dwelling in us, purifying our hearts with the fresh watering of His word, and planting good seed in the soil so that we can flourish and grow like a tall tree. 

Look at this verse: 

Song of Songs 4:12-14 ( Passion translation)

My darling bride, my private paradise, fastened to my heart. A secret spring that no one else can have-my bubbling fountain hidden from public view. What a perfect partner to me now that I have you. Your inward life is now sprouting, bringing forth fruit. What a beautiful paradise unfolds within you. When I’m near you, I smell aromas of the finest spice, for many clusters of my exquisite fruit now grow within your inner garden.

God delights that you are His secret place that He can spring forth through you. He delights that you are hidden, beautiful, and fruitful. 

Queen Esther, which means “hidden”, symbolized her hidden identity. The Lord hid her identity until the appointed time. Esther as a queen and a bride, obeyed the call on her life to suffer like Christ. She “delighted in the suffering of serving her people, knowing that the glory of God would reign supreme.

Esther was a type of Jesus Christ. Let’s look at the parallels

The theme of delight in the pampering of Esther

During the Esther fast, the Lord said to me that He wants to pamper me so that I can experience being “luxuriated.” I learned that luxuriated means to enjoy and to delight!

The theme of delighting in being pampered was demonstrated in the story of Esther and Jesus. Esther was pampered with the oil of myrrh to purify and consecrate her for service. Similarly to Mary pouring expensive oil and perfume over the feet of Jesus to symbolize the preparation of His body for a sacrificial death on the cross. The Father’s plan of reconciling us to Him through Jesus Christ became a reality.

Proverbs 25:2
It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.

Your identity and purpose is tied to delighting Yourself in the Lord

As a queen, it is your honor (delight) to search out the inner meaning of God’s word and it is the glory of God to “hide” that word in His loving presence. God is NOT only looking for harvest workers, He is also looking for royal lovers! He wants to hide who you are ( priest, queen, daughter) in His word. He also wants your purpose to be about enjoying fellowship with Him as you listen to His word being spoken over you. 

delight yourself in the Lord

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