One of the great things about parenting with the Holy Spirit is that you are able to plant good seeds into your child’s heart. Your child reaps from what you sow into them, whether it’s through prayer or being generous with your love and attention. Harvesting season is sure to come soon! 

Now when it comes to experiencing the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your daily life, it is important to abide in Him ( remain close to the vine) and meditate on His character. 

Let’s now build the fruit of the Holy Spirit inside of you as a parent:

God is love:

Use words rooted in love and not in fear. “ I accept you and I love you”

God is faithful

If your child is working on a long project and is getting frustrated, it’s okay to say “ let’s take a deep breath and try again later” or model the words “help.”

God is Goodness

Model righteous living. Point out times when your child is behaving appropriately. “I love when you share with your sister.”

God is peace

Give MORE attention to how your child is hosting God’s presence; HIs peace, righteousness and joy than times when they misbehave.

God is self-control

Be okay in admitting when you are feeling emotionally out of control by saying how you feel, “mommy is getting angry but she is going o put her hand on hear, smell the flowers, then blow out the candles.”

Parenting the Fruit of The Holy Spirit

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God is joy

Laugh with your children. “ Have a tickle contest!”

God is kindness

Model the words thank you and please when your child does something good for you. 

God is gentleness 

Speak in a tone of a voice that is gentle towards your child. You can still get your point across when you speak to your child. Firmly redirect your child on the correct path without losing your cool. If you feel yourself getting out of godly character, then give yourself a few minutes to breathe and to regroup. 

God is patience

If your child has trouble waiting, you can teach them waiting skills by counting aloud to 10 or using timers. 

You can also give positive statements: 

“ Don’t give up”

“ You can do it”

“ Just keep trying”

“NIce waiting”

The Fruit of the Holy Spirit starts as a Relationship with Him

Remember developing the fruit of the Holy Spirit, requires a relationship with God. Like a tree he will water your heart with His Words and presence. When you allow Him to take complete reign in your life you will begin to see Him reflected inside of you as you parent your child. 

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