Motherhood that is simple with God!

Motherhood can feel overwhelming or stressful at times but with God’s help you can learn how to thrive in the abundant grace and simplicity of God.

Peek inside!

“After His son was conceived in the womb of Mary, He then gave  her the Holy work to nurture and raise Him up in the ways of the Lord. The mystery in all of this is that Mary did not naturally conceive Jesus but yet she was still called to be His mother by God. So the qualifications of motherhood were divinely appointed rather than naturally given. Therefore, motherhood is not merely about having children naturally, it is about doing the holy work of God for the agenda of God’s ultimate plan.

Motherhood Simplified By God-

By: Jennifer Augustin

God wants all women with mothering hearts to be nurturers, visionaries, and women that will birth His vision on earth. In this chapter you will learn the amazing revelation that God has shared with me about truth of motherhood. Get ready to have the veil of misconceptions of motherhood removed from your very own eyes in the chapter of this book, Truth of motherhood.

“Motherhood is not who you are but what you do here on earth for the Kingdom of God .”

— Jennifer Augustin, Mom/Trauma Recovery Coach

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