Have you ever had question about whether you are a godly mother? These signs below will help you to understand if you have any characteristics that resemble the character of God in your parenting.

1. You are favored by God 

Let’s take a look at Mary, the mother of Jesus as an example of what a godly mother looks like.  Before Mary,  an angel appeared to her  and he said  that she was favored by God, would  be pregnant, and give birth to a son ( through the power of the Holy Spirit).

Imagine hearing this as a virgin woman. This is not only shocking but I am sure Mary thought that this did not make a lot of sense. But the angel Gabriel immediately qualified Mary by saying that she was favored by God. 

Favored in the bible means to demonstrate delight. God was delighted in Mary that he showed divine kindness towards her.  

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2. You are appointed by God to do his holy work

shallow photography of silver-colored crown

Mary was appointed by God. The  qualifications of motherhood were divinely appointed to Mary. She was appointed to do the holy work of birthing destiny, legacy, a deliver, and righteous king 

3. You are pregnant with purpose 

Mary was pregnant with the purpose to birth Jesus who would save the world from sin. On her journey of birthing Jesus she also faced opposition from King Herod who wanted to stop the prophecy of a future king ruling and claiming to be the heir of King David. Mary was obedient to the call to leave Nazareth to  journey to Bethlehem. She knew that the child that she was pregnant with needed to be protected from destiny killers and robbers and as mother she fulfilled her role as a protector. 

As a mother, you are pregnant with the purpose to fulfill your assignment of raising a child who could be a deliver, destiny starter, or kingdom ambassador of God for many people in this generation and the generation to come. 

4. You give birth to destiny and legacy

Mothers give birth to destiny and legacy. God knows the child that is in your womb.  He created your baby with His thoughts and awesome power. In your womb, He already was speaking words of encouragement and beauty over your child. Your child was made in God’s image ( His very character and legacy). 

Let’s take a look at what the angel Gabriel told Mary.

The angel declared Jesus’ destiny as being:

-The son of the most High God

-He would have the throne of David

-He would be king of Jacob’s people

-His Kingdom will last forever!

Imagine the possibilities that your child could one day have. The possibilities are truly endless in God.

5. Humbled and trusting towards God

Mothers are humble. Psalm 25:9 says, “He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.” Mothers that are humbled before God realize that they need the help of the Lord in their lives. It is important for mothers to submit their children to God as He is the only one that truly knows their hearts. The heart is a place that God can see and that He can pour His abundant love. 

6. You are nurturing 

godly mother

A mother has the innate ability to nurture her child. Nurturing is about safety and comfort. Children need to feel safe and comforted when things seem to be scary, unknown, and unsafe. A mother’s loving touch or reassuring words makes all the difference in the world. 

7. You love unconditionally 

A mother’s love is unconditional. There are no limits to when a mother loves her child. A friend of mine mentioned to me that when a mother meets her child for the first time after delivery, she immediately experiences an instantaneous love that is deep and all encompassing.

So, if you are questioning if whether you have the traits of godly motherhood, remember these 7 7signs and characteristics of being a godly mother. Also, consider reading the first chapter of my e-book Motherhood Simplified by God below.

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