The Simple Steps Approach: for Moms who want to Parent with God

The Simple Steps Approach is for the mom that wants to learn how to approach motherhood with simplicity and God’s grace. If you have experienced mother wounds and trauma, your identity can be restored with the power of the Holy Spirit. You do not have to carry generational curses into your parenting journey. When you are healed, you can be truly present and whole, as you nurture your child.

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My Story

I am the founder of Simple Steps By Jen. I love helping moms to overcome trauma and mother wounds. I had a traumatic past and mother wounds almost limited my potential to truly thrive in my God-given calling until God healed and restored me. Now, he has given me the grace to nurture moms and awaken her to live out the dream of authenticity and to be fully present with her children.

Simple Motherhood With Your Child…

Are you looking to emotionally connect with your children but find yourself constantly distracted by the endless demands of parenthood pulling you in every direction? You can find joy, peace, and love in being a mother that is present so that what really matters is not wasted away

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Motherhood in the Garden

It all began in the garden when the Lord noticed that Adam had a purpose which was to name all of the living things on the earth but did not have a “helper” to support him in that purpose. God chose to put Adam to sleep while He formed this woman-helper from Adam’s rib.

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Mother wound and root issues to overcome

If you have ever lived through a toxic mother-daughter relationship, you may have questions on if you have a mother wound and how does the mother wound show up in your life.

There are two phases of healing from mother wounds. First is the detachment phase which is the letting go of expectations. This is divorcing and cutting the cord of unhealthy trauma that was connected to your experiences with your mother.  

One of the great things about parenting with the Holy Spirit is that you are able to plant good seeds into your child’s heart. Your child reaps from what you sow into them, whether it’s through prayer or being generous with your love and attention. Harvesting season is sure to come soon! 

Now when it comes to experiencing the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your daily life… 

Motherhood Tool Box

When you want to learn more about motherhood , this tool box will equip you with spiritual tools and knowledge.

Motherhood Tool box

The Motherhood Tool Box

If you are still wondering where to start on this website, then check out the Motherhood Tool box for all of your mothering needs. It is all in one place! You will find resources, products, and so much MORE !!!

What’s inside?

Read scriptures cards for memorization or to supplement your current bible reading plans. You can carry these cards wherever you go to remind you of how God sees you as his beloved daughter. You will also find prayer journals, daily planners, and prompts to guide you in your parenting journey with God.

Mothers crowning daughters is for mothers who are in the business of nurturing their daughters. Develop healthy boundaries with your daughter and redefine the mother daughter relationship with God!


Do you have Mother Wounds?

Get Your Free Prayer Journal Prompts to help you on your journey of healing. The time is now to recover and live a whole life as a mother.

Codependency Issues?

Inside the workbook, you will learn how to be healed with the help of the Holy Spirit

Learn to nurture your heart

Be confident and secure in your identity in Christ

Heal mother wounds with journal prompts

Simple Planning Worksheet

Ready to parent with God’s vision for your child? Write God’s vision for your kids in just 3 SIMPLE ACTION STEPS so that you can begin to parent with purpose and vision!

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Welcome to the little corner of my website! I am a mom coach that is passionate about helping mothers find that sweet spot of parenting with simplicity and grace. This is the place to find support and tools when being a mom is too overwhelming and difficult.

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