Wholeness in Motherhood starts with being healed from internal wounds

Mother Wounds is not your story when you decide to break the cycle of generational trauma and wounding of yourself and your daughters. Start rewriting your story of ashes turning into beauty with the help of the Holy Spirit working through your life.

Mothers Crowning Daughters

Mothering your daughter is a reflection of God’s character. He wants mothers to be equipped and clothed with spiritual tools in raising up daughters to be kingdom dwellers, prayer warriors, pioneers in the faith, and daughters of God. Mothers who are clothed with strength and dignity will not fear their daughters future. They will rejoice for what is to come.

Grace and Simplicity in Motherhood

Motherhood from God’s perspective is an opportunity to showcase God’s nurturing character. After Trauma, motherhood can be daunting when done with your own strength. But with the help of the Holy Spirit and His grace, motherhood is truly beautiful.

Motherhood in the Garden

From the garden of Eden, motherhood began with Eve.

God is calling women like Eve to “mother” in the place where it all started- the Garden of Eden. He is equipping mothers to nurture their “seed” and to birth God’s vision in this world. But it must first start with encountering the Tree of life in the garden of Eden.

In the garden, thorns or weeds can choke up the seed. If not properly tended or removed the weeds will “compete” or fight against plants for light, water, and nutrient supply. Thus, the growing plants will die due to starvation. Some of us are dying spiritually due to not drinking from the fountain ( God’s love), light ( God’s glory and presence), nutrients ( His Word).