Episode 01- How to Prepare for Your Fast

In this episode, we will take a dive into how to prepare for the Esther Fast. We will go over how to prepare your mind, your body by eating healthy meals, and asking God to reveal hidden mysteries. Grab a pencil and a notepad so that you can jot down any revelation that God speaks to you.

Episode 02- Day 1- Daily Encouragement

In this episode, I encourage you to press into God’s presence and allow Him to take you higher!

Episode 03- Day 2- Daily Encouragement

In this podcast, you will be encouraged to take your royal position and walk in the destiny and purpose that God has placed in your life.

Episode 04- Day 3- Daily Encouragement

In this last Esther Fast podcast, we will find out what God is saying about our identity and purpose. As Esther boldly made her request before the king, she did it first by revealing her identity and purpose.