Mission of Simple Steps By Jen

Empowering mothers to live healed, whole, and nurtured lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. Mother wounds and childhood trauma does not have to be your story. You do not have to carry generational curses into your parenting journey. When you are healed, you can be truly present and whole, as you nurture your child.




When was Simple Steps By Jen  born?

It was first birthed as an idea on my healing journey from mother wounds and trauma. Over the years, the meaning behind Simple Steps By Jen has evolved into a beautiful image of God’s grace and simple living in Him.

Home Sweet Home

God gave me a step by step guide on entering and living in the place of His heart. His heart is my home and my mission in this life is to teach mothers that abiding in God’s presence will reap a fruitful motherhood experience. God’s heart is home and where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21). You will be able to see God in your child’s eyes as you live a life of nurture and wholeness.

God is the ultimate parent on how to raise children. With His help, mothers can experience the treasures in Heaven that come from a yielded heart.

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The Simple Approach Guide to Parent with God

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