Simple Faith is all about learning to live from the heart of God as a little child. The word of God says to enter into the Kingdom of God as a little child. God leads his children into the kingdom of God through simply having faith in Him. 

But…. Sometimes fear can get in the way  of how you parent your child.  Fearful parenting can show up in how you limit your child’s growth or independence. It can also show up in the way you speak with your child. And sometimes it can show up in “childish” measures such as controlling or manipulative actions.

There is a difference between childlike and childish behavior.  God wants all of his children ( that means all caregivers of children) to be his children that completely believe in Him. 

God is the eternal Father

He wants to parent your soul. He wants to nurture your heart and bring peace to your soul. He desires to love you because you DESERVE to be loved and to experience the grace to continue to walk in the image of His likeness and identity.

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The faith of a parent can be tested. If you want proof, take a look at Abraham ” the father of faith” in the Bible. God tested his faith to the fullest extent- to the point of having him sacrifice his own child! This did not just happen over night for Abraham.

One of the great things about parenting with the Holy Spirit is that you are able to plant good seeds into your child’s heart. Your child reaps from what you sow into them, whether it’s through prayer or being generous with your love and attention. Harvesting season is sure to come soon!