If you have experienced mother wounds and trauma, your identity can be restored with the power of the Holy Spirit. All it takes is moving forward step by step with God’s loving guidance and nurturing.

Get ready to be a generational curse breaker. In our coaching sessions, you will be empowered to mother with wholeness, clarity, and purpose.

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– Simple Steps By Jen

Healed, whole, and nurtured coaching

Book a FREE 15 minute strategy coaching call.

This call is your first step into learning about areas where you may need mom coaching and if coaching is right for you. This call is also for helping you to receive clarity on areas where you may feel stuck on parenting from God’s heart.

My Ideal Clients

I love helping women that want to take a deeper dive in their healing journey and are willing to take the necessary steps towards wholeness in Jesus.

What are sessions like with Jen?

All sessions are Holy Spirit led and I will pray with you through prophetic intercession. Sessions with me are also easy-going! We can talk about all trauma, and mother or father wound issues that are affecting your ability to mother your child with grace and simplicity.

Meet Your Coach

Hey I’m Jen!

I love helping moms to overcome trauma and mother wounds so that they can be the best version of who God called them to be. Book a session with me and let’s start this journey of recovery from trauma. You deserve to experience motherhood that is whole, nurtured, and healed!


Mom coaching is NOT  psychotherapy, therapy, counseling, or mental healthcare. Psychotherapy addresses all psychological disorders and mental distress by a trained professional. Mom coaching is not a replacement for psychotherapy, therapy, or counseling.  If you need therapy, please seek a licensed therapist in your local area.


Get the clarity that you need to go to the next level in your parenting .

  • Clarity on issues that are keeping you feeling stuck in how you interact with your child.
  • Learn about the vision you have for your child and an action plan to use to reach your parenting goals
  • First 15 minutes is FREE!!

60 MIN Mom Coaching/Trauma Recovery

Are you overwhelmed, stressed out, and need individualized parent coaching? Then this coaching session is for you.

Trauma recovery sessions will focus on recovering from childhood trauma and mother wounds.

Mom coaching will focus on your mindset, your relationship with your children, and your daily rhythms.

What sessions are like?

  • VIP session to discuss all motherhood topics and the stages of trauma recovery
  • You will gain understanding about how trauma affects your parenting
  • You will learn how to deepen your relationship with God and your child
  • The session will include journal prompts, a challenge to complete, and a Simple Steps Action Plan.
  • Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length but you can request to extend the time prior to the session starting.

Let me help you:

  • Partner with God and his vision of how to parent His way
  • Overcome issues and clutter that is keeping you from living a life of abundance with your children
  • Develop a deep connection with your child and God

What you will get:

  • Simple Steps Action Plan to help you to simplify your life and to get organized
  • VIP perk of in depth journal prompts sent to you after the session and individualized for your circumstance
  • 60 minute VIP session where we will discuss parenting issues and topics of interest that you can choose from a list during our session or it can be totally up to you.