Did you know that rejection in utero can start before a child is born? There is a medical term called “ in utero wounding” which means that an unborn child can experience trauma in the womb  during the early and later stages of pregnancy. 

Rejection in Utero:Personal story

My mother shared a story with me about how there were several instances where an older woman wanted for her to terminate her pregnancy with me. She was told to drink liquids that could terminate the pregnancy or to jump off high furniture to injure herself. My mother was a teenager at the time and I am sure she was very afraid of what would happen in the future. 

 I am glad that she did not adhere to the misguided advice of strangers and followed her motherly instinct to protect her unborn child. 

However, this experience may have caused a wound in utero. Babies in the womb can hear their mother’s heartbeat and voice. They may not be able to understand what their mother is saying, but they can still hear what is being said. I experienced rejection as a child and into adulthood until the Lord healed me completely.

Are You a Mother With Mother Wounds?

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Let’s look at some of the signs of spirit of rejection in the womb:

  1. Your pregnancy resulted from rape, unexpected,  unplanned or unwanted  pregnancy 
  2. You wanted an abortion 
  3. You made resentful statements( “if i didn’t get pregnant, I should have crushed you when I had you etc.”)
  4. You favored one gender over the other ( you said you wanted a girl instead of a boy). 
  5. You cursed your child with profane words out of frustration 
  6. You become overly sensitive or misinterpret what someone says or does to you
  7. You have ruminating thoughts throughout the day that people don’t like you
  8. You parent your child out of fear and anxiety 
  9. You have physical manifestations of wounding in your digestive systems ( e.g., acid reflux disease, GERD, bowel irritation and syndrome, etc.).
  10. You experienced domestic violence from your significant other. 

Here are some negative consequences if you do not deal with rejection in the womb (in utero) as a parent.

  1. You may begin to resent your children  and blame them for not having the life you “dreamed” of having 
  2. You may become abusive towards  your kids ( when parents say hurtful things )
  3. You may not be able to discern what are healthy ways to process through “rejection thoughts” and feeling like your children are out to get you or leave you 
  4. You self-sabotage your child’s ability to be independent and have their own thoughts.
  5. You don’t know how to receive love from God or how to receive love from your children 
  6. You don’t know how to use parent coping skills

Here is how you can begin the process of healing your rejection wound that can also manifest into healing your mother wound.


Prayer is a gateway to communicating with God. The Holy Spirit has the role of a mother and will comfort you especially if you had issues with your child emotionally attaching to you after birth. Pray over your tummy and speak words of love, comfort, and peace. 

Sometimes our emotions ( anxiety can get trapped there). Try to imagine the Holy Spirit comforting you and rocking you in His arms as He speaks songs of deliverance over you. He has a lovely rendition of nursery songs just for you. 

Attachment Prayer:

I join my heart with you God and declare that you will care and comfort me. I am nurtured by your love and goodness towards me. I will care for my children with your guidance. I am no longer broken and I will be nurtured by the Holy Spirit to grow emotionally and spiritually. I am truly loved by you God. Thank you for your loving presence.

 In Jesus name, Amen.

Come out of agreement with any lies

You may feel guilty about behaving negatively towards your child during pregnancy, but I want to tell you that God has erased the past into the sea of forgetfulness. Come out of agreement with lies telling you that your past defines who you will be as a parent. Your past mistakes or actions do not define you!

Rejection in Utero

Recognize your true identity in the Lord

You were made in God’s vision and image. You were created to look like Jesus and His character. Therefore, He designed for you to join Him in the way He lives His life:  with love, grace, peace, righteousness, and joy. 

Be kind to yourself in this season!

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