Parent and child covering mouth
Parent and child covering mouth

You know the saying, sticks and stones may break my bones but your words will never hurt me. But… we know through life experiences, words can in fact hurt you. According to research, there is a part of the brain ( pain matrix) that gets activated by painful words like “tormenting.” 

When Your Words Hurt…

It hurts when your child says mean things to you like “ i don’t like you Mommy”

It hurts when you say hurtful things back in anger 

It hurts when you realize that some of the hurtful things that your child has said in the past are words that have been rehearsed by you using them out of your own mouth. 

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The Bible says that there is death and life in the power of the tongue and even describes reckless words as a piercing sword but wise words bring healing ( Proverbs 18:21/Proverbs 12:18).

Take inventory of Your Words


Are your words sweet as honey? Here are some words that when said out of anger can have serious repercussions to a child’s well-being:

  • “You are just like your father”
  • “You will never be nothing if you…”
  •  Your child bumps into something and cries but you say- “stop all that crying” or worse you dismiss their feelings by distracting them with another activity 
  • “You make sick” 
  • “You make me want to hurt myself because you get on my nerves”
  • “Why can’t you be more like your sister/brother” 
  • “You’re getting fat, you need to stop eating so much junk food” 

Focus on Words That Bring Life 

Words that bring life and healing are productive and effective. They produce good fruit. Jesus is the life. Let your words be seasoned with HIm. So that when you speak, your children will quote HIs words back to you. 

Speaking Life Based Words

Stop Speaking Fear Based Words

Words that bring death can come from a place of fear in the heart and words derived from negative emotions need to be processed from a place of love. God always speaks in love and wisdom.  Even when He brings correction it always leads you back to Him.

How are your words bringing life to your children today? If you are speaking to your child from a place of fear or death, then I encourage you to repent now from the old way of doing things. Walk into the loving arms of Jesus and ask Him to help you to speak words of life. 

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