Affirmations for your children

Positive affirmations have been used by adults for many years. Wouldn’t it be great to hear your child say words that are uplifting and inspiring? And what if I told you that there are so many positive benefits for having your child say things that can help foster self-esteem and self- awareness. All through music, imagery, and play.

Let’s Take A Stroll Through Memory Lane

I remember fondly of times when I would come home from school, plop my back pack on the couch, and pop in my favorite Disney movie into the video player.At the time it was the “The Lion King.” I would get lost in the lyrics to songs that always made me feel like the Disney characters. I played back my favorite part with the remote controller. Pretending to be Simba, I sang songs such as ” I can’t wait to be King.” If you listen to the song carefully, he used words that promoted independence and free thinking ( Simba: “no one saying do this, no one saying do that, no one saying stop that.”)

As a kid, I wanted to be an adult so that I could access true freedom….or so I thought. Fast forward to the year 2020 and you probably see your own children doing this. The only difference is that they are rewinding specific clips to movies on their iPads. I find that my nephew does this repeatedly. Children with autism often do this as a stereotypical behavior ( which means behaviors that are done in an excessive manner).

For special needs children, it is a way to acquire language skills. If you think about it, we have learned language through repetition and being exposed to words, sounds, and how our parents interacted with each other through conversations. The same applies with children who watch videos on repeat. Words, sounds, simple voice inflections get stored into the memory banks of your child. That is why, you may find your child will “script” something they remembered hearing in a video.

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4 Positive Disney Affirmations

Positive affirmations are simply positive words that promote self-esteem. Children now a days are working through many life challenges. This can range from bullying to not having strong coping skills to deal with life challenges. Here are some of my favorite Disney words of affirmations for kids:

1. “I laugh in the face of danger

2. I will have no worries

3. “I am Courageous And Kind.”
4.“I Will Think Happy Thoughts.”

Try these 11 I Am affirmations for your kids now:

1. I am royalty.

2. I am thoughtful and think about others.

3. I am kind to the people around me.

4. I am able to control my emotions.

5. I am deserve friends that are kind to me.

6. I am loveable

.7. I am loved by the people around me.

8. I work hard to do well in school.

9. I will bring something special to the world.

10. I am handsome/beautiful.

11. God created me on purpose.

13 Positive Affirmations for My Son:

1. I am strong!

2. I will not be afraid to cry because it releases pain.

3. I can be BRAVE, even if I feel afraid.

4. I BELIEVE that impossible things happen when I have faith.

5. I will learn from my mistakes.

6. I will treat everyone kindly.

7. I will not focus on what made me angry.

8. I will listen to my parents because they have wisdom.

9. I will learn from adults because they can help me avoid problems.

10. I am beautiful inside and out.

11. The people in my life are blessed to have me.

12. My friends really enjoy my personality.

13. I am loved by my teachers and friends.

12 Positive Affirmations for Girls

1. I am beautiful.

2. I have amazing hair.

3. I am loved by my mom and dad.

4. God created me on purpose.

5. I am really good at _________ (insert in blank).

6. I am an important part of my family.

7. I am going to grow up to be a powerful woman.

8. I will do amazing things in the future.

9. I bring happiness to the people around me.

10. I am loved by my friends and teacher.

11. People miss me when I’m not there.

12. I am a blessing to my family and friends.

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