I remember hearing a message about how the heart is similar to a garden. In the garden, God’s word is a seed that is planted in the heart. He is able to firmly place Himself within the soul of a mother during the healing process.

God’s Word- When thorns choke up the seed

Hard heart ( thorny heart)

Sometimes in a garden, thorns or weeds can choke up the seed. If not properly tended or removed the weeds will “compete” or fight against plants for light, water, and nutrient supply. Thus, the growing plants will die due to starvation. Some of us are dying spiritually due to not drinking from the fountain ( God’s love), light ( God’s glory and presence), nutrients ( His Word).

Let’s take a look at the weeds that need to be removed from the soul of a mother.

Emotional distractions used as coping mechanisms

  • Repression- This is subconsciously making an effort to not face your real emotions. You might say things like ” I’m good,” “nothing is wrong ” when someone asks how you are doing. This is similar to hyper positivity and the fake it till you make it mantra. As a mom, you might play supermom by showing that everything is okay so you do everything with a fake smile. You might also fight with your significant other or yell at your children after cleaning up your child’s spills, toys, and making dinner. Internally, you might feel dissatisfied with being a mother or a good wife but you refuse to admit this conclusion. In repression, the goal is to deny negative emotions because you are unaware they exist in your mind.
  • Suppression- This is consciously making an effort to put an end to experiencing your emotions. You might feel numbness, disassociation, run away from your feelings by keeping yourself busy with work or scrolling on your phone. In suppression, the goal is to STOP feeling by replacing your emotions with life’s distractions.
  • Depression- You finally become overwhelm with emotional pain that were repressed or suppressed for a period of time. You might see victim thinking and self pity.
  • Regression- This is going back to early development behavior ( wetting the bed, sucking your thumb, sleeping in a fetal position).
  • Transgression- This is doing unwanted acts and engaging in addictions because the emotions are too scary to deal with ( self-medication with drugs)
  • Projection- Putting your feelings on someone else instead of accepting them as your own.
God's word

God’s Word starts with fertile soil

This is what the Lord says to the people of Judah and Jerusalem:

“Plow up the hard ground of your hearts!
    Do not waste your good seed among thorns.

Jeremiah 4:3

God is all about maturing your heart to make it look more like His heart. He prepares our hearts to receive His Word by first using a plow ( a special farming equipment). God first will cut deep into the ground to reveal hidden unproductive soil. Perhaps it is bitterness, mother wounds, childhood trauma, or emotional and identity issues. God must first break up the rocky places of your heart to make room for Himself to dwell.

In my other post, Eve in the Bible: Mother of Life, God is all about restoring the hearts of mothers back in the garden of Eden.

God’s word- Uprooting thorns or weeds

Uprooting thorns may prompt you to fight or run away from going deeper with God. This is the internal struggle of wrestling with God’s love.

Other seeds fell among thorns that grew up and choked out the tender plants.

Matthew 13:7

God shares His Word ( seed) among the field. For mothers who have undergone severe trauma and emotional abuse, your heart may appear thorny ( rocky) and filled with poisonous roots. You may be operating out of negative emotions when relating to your children and motherhood may trigger childhood trauma. Thus, choking your spiritual growth in the Lord.

As a great gardener, God will cut out the poisonous roots ( thinking patterns that are in error, unhealed emotions, and a deceptive heart). This stage of uprooting can sometimes be painful because you start to notice places of your heart that need more healing. Uprooting roots may prompt you to fight or run away from going deeper with God. This is the internal struggle of wrestling with God’s love.

God's word

God’s Word- Seeds are planted Stage

When the ground is prepared ( ready to receive the good news), God plants the seed into the soil of your heart. At this point you are receiving life changing messages about God’s love for you and your emotional identity. You are no longer walking in fear but in total victory. You are also taking the necessary steps to take a deeper dive into your healing.

God’s Word- watering stage

God waters the heart with His Word and most of all His love. God’s love is similar to quenching your thirst with water. Water is a necessary component before harvesting season because without it, plants and vegetables will not yield a fruitful harvest.

God is the Gardener of your soul

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