Are you facing spiritual warfare and trauma? When you have experienced trauma in childhood, it is now time to get armored with a battle ready prayer. Pray with boldness and complete faith in the Lord. If you are unsure of what to pray, the Holy Spirit will empower you to pray with these prayers or to utter the mysteries of God.

Wounds that are not healed can be the devil’s playground and produces spiritual warfare in your mind.

It is time to pray!

Disclaimer: Please first learn about your authority in Christ Jesus and the power of rest before reading this prayer!

Battle Ready Prayer- Protection Prayer

Heavenly Father, I give praises onto you. You are mighty in power and authority. Your kingdom come and let your will be done on earth as it is being done in heaven. I pray for protection. I position myself in battle attire. Place your angel armies to encamp around me for the kingdom of God is at hand. I pray knowing that Jesus is my great intercessor. I will not be defeated because I have already won the victory with the blood of Jesus as my affirming evidence.

Battle Ready Prayer Bible verse:

But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.

2 Thessalonians 3:3

I put on the helmet of salvation to protect my mind from any assaults of the devil and his lies. I put on the belt of truth so that I know to discern lying tongues in the spirit realm. I put on holiness as my protective armor against the Evil One. I fully embrace the power of salvation’s full deliverance. I take on my sword with my hand which is the Word of God. I wrap myself with faith as my shield. I extinguish every flaming arrows assigned to attack me. With my shield I am protected by God’s love.

Jesus I believe in you Lord. You are my protector and lover of my soul. I will stand alert ready to share the Gospel. Ready to prophesy with words inspired by you God.

Right now I speak that I am fully armored with you oh Lord. I armor myself with battle ready attire. I stand at attention to your words Lord Jesus.

Battle Ready Prayer- Bold Prayer

Lord Jesus save me now from despair. Deliver me Lord from all troubles.
I am free indeed through Christ Jesus the son of God who died for me on Calvary. His shed blood covers all of my sins and speaks for me! He became a curse for me. So I bind every word curse that was formed against me from anyone that I know or that is unknown in the mighty name of Jesus.

I speak that the blood of Jesus surrounds me so that nothing said against me will be able to harm me. For I am free in Jesus.

Holy Spirit sever any trauma bonds formed in my relationship with my mother or father. Break any unhealthy emotional, physical, and spiritual connections that were established with words or ungodly covenants.

Tear down the walls of Jericho in my life! Give me eyes to see you Lord and the great plans that you have for me. Help me to see myself the way that you see me and not from the identity of my mother ( or anyone who has abused me). Remove any ricochets in my soul (trauma dumping, my mother’s shame, guilt, projections, and intrusive thoughts).

Bind and Cast Down Prayer

I bind and cast down every fear ( shame, guilt, trauma, and mother wound) from Satan or familiar spirits in my blood line. I am not afraid or discouraged because this battle is For God to fight for me. So Father God, I ask you to fight this battle for me. I put all my care on you. Sustain me. I will be courageous and strong in coming boldly to your throne of grace. I will not tremble or be dismayed for you are with me Lord God.

Know Your Authority Prayer

I pray generational blessings over my children and that trauma will NOT pass onto them or their future children. Trauma stops here! I wear the inheritance of God on my life like a royal robe. I have kingship authority and I am seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. My throne is in the seat of rest and in Christ Jesus. Resting in you and worship are my weapons.

I give you all the glory Lord and rest in knowing you are watching me like a hawk in the sky and that your presence is ALWAYS NEAR TO ME!

I love you Jesus, Amen

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