I know you’ve been there, with an anxious heart, you may have said “I’m your mother, it’s my job to worry about you.” You may have also said things like ” I can’t help it, I can’t stop worrying about my child!” These sayings may sound very noble and loving, but these phrases are very much rooted in fear. 

God is the perfect picture of a worry-free parent. Actually, He says many times, do not worry. He has a whole scripture verse on how He will clothe and feed you ( Matt 6:25). As a parent, he provides for your basic needs.

God makes the distinction between worry and His infinite ability to take care of His children. Worrying and taking care of your child are NOT the same.

 Instead of worrying, God says to seek His Kingdom first. In exchange, he will give you everything your body needs.

 He will provide for your spiritual needs by giving you spiritual gifts (grace and the Holy Spirit to guide you). 

He has plans for you to prosper. As you walk in integrity, He will not withhold anything good from you ( psalm 84:11).

Here are some ways to overcome an anxious heart

anxious heart

Rest in God

I dealt with major anxiety in my late 20’s to mid 30’s. I was afraid of being abused sexually and emotionally. Most of those fears came from childhood trauma. When people would give me a prophetic word about resting in God, it was very frustrating to hear. I kept saying to myself, “ but I am resting!” while pointing to myself and privately dealing with hundreds of tormenting thoughts about death, fear of losing someone, and something demonic invading me. 

So what does resting really mean anyway?

1. Resting in God means that I trust you enough to lay my head on your shoulders as you care for me, as you battle for me, as you heal me, and so forth. 

2.Resting in God is the surrender of the heart to God. 

3.Resting is believing that the Lord will cover you in all facets of your life. 

4.Resting is letting go of the past to enter into the newness of doing life with God 

5.Resting is letting go of fear so that you can truly fly 

6.Resting is BEING who you are in Christ and knowing that nothing else will satisfy your hunger or thirst like Jesus can.

God’s Love is your Shepherd leading you to the place of true rest in His heart (Passion Translation).

Rest in God’s presence. He knows all of your concerns and will carry you through every storm in life.  His loving arms are wide enough to keep you safe from harm and His heart will cover your soul. 

Sign up for a free 15 minute strategy call to get support in living in God’s rest. I would love to help you learn how to rest in the arms of Father God.

Take advice from others with a grain of salt and sugar

The Grain of Salt

When it comes to becoming a mother, you may have so many people with varying opinions of how you should raise your child. Some of those sayings maybe what I like to say “salty.” Have you ever had a wound before? When salt touches the wound it burns.

If you are a new mom, you know all to well the advice that comes pouring in from others who will give you a list of should-do’s:

“You should not wet your babies hair”

” You should not let your baby out without shoes”

“You should burp your baby on their tummy”

This can be very exhausting, listening to all of the should-do’s. This is the salt to the wound that burns overtime.

In the end, you know your child the best.

The Grain of Sugar

Then there is advice that you might receive that is sweet but maybe too sweet. I call these the sugar-loaded to do’s that if practiced can lead to a whole lot of a cavities.

” You need to buy lots of clothes for your children”

” You need to put your child in the best school?

You need to put your child in the best extracurricular activities…”

This advice sounds great but the truth is that when you keep your focus on your child’s purpose and the vision that God has for your child, you will not be swayed on matters that are insignificant.

Do you tend to worry a lot about your children? God has the solution– seek His kingdom first and KNOW that He has everything covered for you and your children. He is a Father that takes care of His own

Simple Steps Planning Worksheet

Write God’s vision for your kids in just 3 SIMPLE ACTION STEPS so that you can begin to parent with purpose and vision

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