You were called to nurture your daughter into being a kingdom dweller, a prayer warrior, confident, nurtured, and whole. Most of all, fully clothed with strength and dignity.

Membership doors open in March!

You were called to nurture!

Do you find it difficult to emotionally connect with your daughter?

Do you notice that you are passing on generational trauma or mother wounds onto your daughter?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then there two things you need to do

Step 1: Nurture your healing and be whole

Heal from Mother wounds and childhood trauma so that you will not pass unhealthy patterns of beliefs and behaviors to your daughter. Inside MCD, you will learn how to break generational curses in your parenting through courses, prayer journaling, and self-reflection.

Step 2: Nurture a healthy bond with your daughter

Develop healthy boundaries with your daughter. Learn to communicate with patience, reassurance, wisdom, and revelation-knowledge with the support of the Holy Spirit.

Proverbs 31:25

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

Mothering your daughter is a reflection of God’s character. He wants mothers to be equipped and clothed with spiritual tools in raising up daughters to be kingdom dwellers, prayer warriors, pioneers in the faith, and daughters of God. Mothers who are clothed with strength and dignity will not fear their daughters future. They will rejoice for what is to come.

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Inside MCD Membership

  • New Master Classes about healing, restoration, and the power of nurture (updated Monthly)- $220 Value
  • Access to Motherhood Simplified Academy-over $300 value
  • Topics include
    • The truth of motherhood
    • Mothering with authenticity and vulnerability
    • What to do when motherhood is overwhelming and so MUCH MORE!!!
  • Monthly Challenges to inspire you
  • Workbooks and Freebies- over $200 Value
  • Facebook Community for ongoing support with other mothers like you- FREE
  • 1 Group Coaching Call each month to address your needs and concerns-$100 value

Total Value $520

As a member, you will only pay $35 per month

Meet Your Coach

So glad you decided to join the MCD membership. I believe all mothers have the capacity to nurture their daughters. They have been called by God to care for their daughters emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. They will also nurture a bond with their daughters that is clothed with strength and dignity. When you join and do the work towards healing and wholeness in Jesus Christ, you will not fear your daughter’s future. You will walk in the assurance that generational blessings will flow through you and your daughter for many years to come.